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Want to Make Your Day in a quick, fun, easy way? Then you need to learn How To Hustle! Check out the NEW On-Demand video series!

Want to Make Your Day in a quick, fun, easy way?
Then you need to learn How To Hustle!
Check out the NEW On-Demand video series!

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Your virtual training site and go-to destination for all things selling and serving at Lancôme. Access all of our seminars and how-to videos, from on-boarding to advanced level skills. Get ready for a beauty experience like no other. Your training when, where and how you want it!


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Ecole Lancome

École Lancôme

New Hire Training

Welcome to the Lancôme family! Let your onboarding experience begin – this program is the first step in your Lancôme journey.


Passport to Paris

Seasonal Training

Join us as we jet set from one destination to the next for our seasonal beauty seminars – a virtual Lancôme experience where you’ll learn tips & tricks from our experts about the newest product launches. Each session is designed to help you connect with your Lancôme family and activate your happiness!

Passport to Paris
Expert Series

Expert Series

Advanced Category Training

Your deep dive into Skincare, Make-Up and Fragrance, from tips & tricks for specific products to our best expert techniques, and more.

Iconics on Demand

Watch the Iconics video, highlighting Lancôme’s top eight best selling products. Always relevant, this go-to video will give you the info you need to show and sell our most requested products.

Iconics On Demand
Expert Series

Lancôme on Demand

Your Lancôme video library filled with quick how-to’s, tips & tricks, fun content, and more, giving you that additional training opportunity to build your skills and explore new talents.